4 thoughts on “The Gift of Laughter: update

  1. My name is Norain Baldwin. My grandfather was Henry D Zimmerman. He died shortly after I was out of high school and a year after my father died so I never knew about his family. I have been thrilled to read about his parents.
    In one place you mentioned that you didn’t know the name of the ship they sailed over to North America in. It was the Adria/Narva/Khazan. Originally named the Adria, the ship was renamed in 1905 when she was sold to the Russian Navy. In 1906,she went to the Russian Volunteer Fleet and was renamed Khazan. On April 19,1906 she went aground near Colombo,Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and was wrecked. The ship could accommodate 20-first and 1,100-third class passengers. ( I received this information from the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 in Halifax,NS.)


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