Afterglow: The Book Event

The reading and book signing at the Mennonite Heritage Museum in Abbotsford, British Columbia, is now in the past. It was a wonderful event–an attentive audience, great conversation, a beautiful room. I arrived to find everything set up: book display, flowers on the table where I would sign books; power point and screen set up for me to show photos; and coffee, tea and pastries ready for people to enjoy before, during and after the presentation. All of this was done by the staff and volunteers at the museum. All I had to do was show up–such a luxury! I went home happy and deeply grateful. Such wonderful people, such a beautiful museum.

Below is one of the photos taken by Wendi Neufeldt Nickel and posted on the museum’s Facebook page. Two of the people in the book-signing line were these two young sisters who handed me their copy of Child Bride and asked me to sign it. They were so quiet I could hardly hear them spell their names. I was delighted and surprised that they wanted the book. It’s not a children’s book, yet thinking about it now I can see that the story of a fourteen year old getting married and having children, a girl near their age might fascinate them. And I had mentioned during the reading that the story ends when I turned twelve so this is a story of a girl their own age, a girl who lived in “olden times,” something I would have loved to read too. How nice, how very, very nice that they want to read my book

Photo courtesy Wendie Neufeldt Nickel

To learn more about the museum click on the following link:

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