Winter Rain

“Newly Planted Orchard” Oil on canvas by Paul Buxman   “Winter is the rainy season in the San Joaquin Valley. Massive clouds heavy with moisture picked up over the Pacific Ocean bump into the massive wall of the Sierra Nevada and dump their load of snow and rain. Then, when the clouds clear and the sun … Continue reading Winter Rain

UPDATE: February 15 is the new target date for the book to be available on Amazon. It is actually almost ready to be put online, but the person who is doing the technical work needs to set my book aside for a while in order to meet other, long-standing commitments. The Gift of Laughter is a … Continue reading


The Gift of Laughter is a family history memoir, the story of my father’s family. My dad was the fifth of the fifteen children born to Jacob C. and Helena Zimmerman Willems. In 1919, the family moved from a Mennonite community in Saskatchewan, Canada to the raisin country southeast of Fresno in California’s great Central … Continue reading Family