Photos for Abbotsford Book Event

Below are the old photos I’ll be using at the book event at the Mennonite Heritage Museum in Abbotsford, BC on Saturday, October 29, 2022.

Memory Story Research

Child Bride

Jacob & Agnes 1938

Agnes Young, 8th grade graduation. Agnes is at the right end of the bench (viewer’s right).

The Gift of Laughter

Helena and Jacob Willems with children and their spouses. My mother, Agnes, stands behind Grandpa; my dad is behind her left.shoulder

My grandparents’ house was a house of women during WWII. Aunt Mary said, “We had so much fun, I didn’t care if I ever got married.

Grandma Willems’ clock

portrait of Jacob and Lena Zimmerman Willems, 1909
A large copy of this picture hung on my grandparents’ dining room wall. It intrigued me as a child and fascinates me even more now that I know its backstory.

The Zimmerman/Willems family c. 1916

Pulpit made by Heinrich H. Zimmerman for the Brotherfield M.B. Church, Waldheim, Saskatchewan. Now located in a scale replica of the church. Photo courtesy Dennis Zimmerman.

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