There is not much of a post this month. I am closing in on the end of the editing of my book, and my brain is unwilling to really think about anything else. I hate this part of writing, the going over and over the text. I went through this with my MA thesis; I went through it again with my Ph.D. dissertation. I am not a patient person, and this wears on me, drags me down. But while not patient, I am tenacious so I will stay with it till the end. My hoped for deadline is the end of the summer. However, many things can get in the way of making that deadline. Life is filled with the unforeseen, and not just my life, the lives of the people I’m working with as well.

I hope you are more patient than I am. Following the creation of a book can wear out one’s readers and friends. Thank you for staying with me.

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