Mom on a Motorcycle

mom on motorcycle

Agnes Willems & Mr. Prez (c.1971)

Mom made a box cover that allowed their schnauzer to ride along with her and Dad on their motorcycle. Yes, Mr. Prez is wearing a hat and sunglasses. Although Prez looks rather miserable in the photo, he actually loved those rides and would try to jump up on the cycle whenever my folks get near it.

Mom was quietly adventurous. She loved to travel and explore, but I doubt that she even considered owning her own motorcycle. She liked riding behind my dad, who was a confident, safe driver. This photo captures for me the life my mother chose when she married my father. I’ve placed it at the end of the memoir about her that I started a year ago.

That memoir is written and now in the process of being turned into a book. The manuscript is now with the woman who does my editing and book design. This phase of creating a book takes time, much more time than my impatient self wants to admit. I really don’t know when the book will be up on Amazon and ready to purchase, but I will definitely post here when that happens.

I have decided on a title: Child Bride; Remembering a Young Mother.


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