8. The Bomb

“For three years, Camp Stoneman remained one of the best-kept secrets of the war. All in all, a million soldiers were processed en route to the Pacific through Camp Stoneman between 25 May 1942 and 11 August 1945. Covering one thousand acres, Camp Stoneman…billeted an average of thirty thousand troops each day of the war”                            … Continue reading 8. The Bomb

Chapter 14: Madera County: 1922-1929

Note: To read earlier chapters, click on the desired title in the “Chapters” section of the sidebar on the right or at the bottom of the page.   Berenda-Dixieland-Fairmead “You moved to Fairmead after Grandview?” “Well no, see, from Berenda to Dixieland and from Dixieland to Fairmead and from Fairmead back into Dixieland—the Dairyland area. … Continue reading Chapter 14: Madera County: 1922-1929